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Scotland’s First solar powered compactor!

Highlander have outdone themselves again in terms of waste and recycling innovation with Scotland’s first solar powered waste compactor!

Following on from our unique MBM Print air system installation earlier this year (Click here for details) we have now installed Scotland’s first solar powered waste compactor at Arjo Wiggins paper mill in Aberdeen!

This represented an overall investment of almost £50,000 on 2 compactor machines with tipper systems for the site and 20 x 1100 litre wheeled bins to collect and transport the waste from the numerous generation points to the compactor unit locations.

The new system is designed to reduce general waste volumes and collections and improve the quality of separately collected recovered paper for recycling from the site.

As well as installation of the machines and bins, Highlander also provided detailed training documents for both machine operations and waste separation systems, while agreeing a long-term contract with the mill to provide both security and assurance to all stakeholders.

Stephen Duffy Highlander Director commented: “While the recycling industry is mature in nature, we are always looking at new innovations for handling our customers waste and when Arjo wanted to install a compactor but could not get a power supply in place, we suggested a solar powered compactor to solve this problem. In conjunction with Clydesdale Technical services, the machine was installed and tested on 14th November and will provide tangible advantages to Arjo from reduced collections, reduced costs and no electricity charges FOREVER!”

If you would like more information on this installation please feel free to download the below Case study or alternatively, contact our Director Stephen Duffy 01355 524 215 stephen@

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