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Garage Equipment Glasgow


A solution was required for Arnold Clark’s facilities in Glasgow that would provide a recycling solution for large sheets of cardboard from their Garage Equipment division but would also allow cardboard from other areas of the Arnold Clark Kilbirnie Street depot to be captured and eventually recycled. Highlander suggested the provision of a Dicom PGV650P vertical mill-sized baler which is fast, robust and with a large opening size allowing larger sheets of cardboard to be handled efficiently and safely, while providing new revenue streams by rebating Arnold Clark for mill ready cardboardbales.


You can find out more about how the solution worked below or check out our other services including paper recycling and product destruction.

case studies arnold clark.jpg


The introduction of the new baler would also reduce waste and landfill disposal
costs while of course, enhancing the group’s environmental performance. With
cardboard being baled instead of being placed in the waste or DMR containers, we
anticipate big waste disposal savings - the installation itself was a £10,000 investment
and will result in fewer collections, better rebates for all materials, huge savings in
general waste costs via landfill diversion, tidier yard with better housekeeping all

The machine produces bales of approximately 500kg each & are manually tied with
3.2mm black steel baling wire – this allows the bales to be collected by Highlander in
6 bale batches and the bales are ready to be sold directly to paper mills, as no further
baling or processing is required to get the bales “mill ready”. These balers can improve
rebates to waste generators by up to £15 per ton as the baling costs are a direct saving
for the waste paper company who can pass the added value onto the waste
generators. We can provide these balers at great rates, at short notice to customers
with full training, delivery installation and servicing included.


Want to find out how Highlander can help you with your waste and recycling solutions, the way we helped Arnold Clark? Get in touch with our team now!

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