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Product Destruction

At Highlander, our product destruction service helps clients across Scotland to get rid of redundant, branded packaging and products. Protect your business. Book a collection today.


The compulsion to protect is part of our basic human nature – whether people or property, valuables or values, the need to protect what is yours is ingrained in our psyche and in modern times, this has extended to commercial and corporate assets, including the very basic identity of companies – being their brands!


As well as being a means of getting your goods from A to B safely and in one piece, packaging plays a crucial role in the marketing and branding of your goods and products and while visual, innovative branded packaging can make a significant difference to your sales, management of the same packaging after it is replaced, redundant and is ready for disposal, can cost your business dearly if it is placed into the wrong hands! Don’t take chances when it comes to your redundant packaging materials or other branded goods – trust Highlander to identify, collect, destroy then recycle or dispose of your redundant packaging materials, at the best commercials in the market.


Highlander has an unrivalled collection and destruction capability in Scotland, for a wide range of redundant and branded packaging or products in a wide range of materials. We own and operate 4 x shredding machines that can destroy all types of branded materials for destruction in shred sizes from 16mm to 100mm, ensuring all materials that pass through our destruction facilities are rendered completely unusable. After the shredding process has been completed, all materials will go for onward recycling where possible and when the branded goods are multi-material and cannot be recycled, we guarantee that NONE of your branded goods will EVER end up in landfill and instead, the material will be sent for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) disposal at all times.


We are already trusted to destroy branded packaging and goods for a wide range of clients in Scotland – companies such as Coca Cola, Russell Transport, William Grant, Berling Packaging, Inverhouse Distillers, Bell & Bain, MBM Printers, Pusterla1880 Packaging and many others already use the Highlander Brand Protection and destruction services for their redundant goods, ensuring the integrity and security of their branded packaging or product waste, at all times.


No Forklift? No problem! We even operate 2 x Moffett Mounty vehicles with rear mounted forklifts, that allow us to do all the handling and heavy lifting of the pallets of branded items for you – these vehicles can load up to 28 pallets of branded goods or packaging for destruction for you in one visit and will take care of the entire loading and pallet removal process, allowing you to get on with running your business! For larger, bulk removal of branded items on pallets, we also operate 45-foot articulated trailers with carrying capability of up to 56 pallets and up to 28 tons of branded waste, in one visit. With the best response times in the industry, you can be assured that your bulk branded material destruction requirements, are easily covered by Highlander.

If you prefer to de-pack your own branded products internally or have ongoing branded items rejected from your normal operations, we can help here too! Highlander can provide bespoke internal and external secure containers for branded items, suitable for use at all stages of your de-packing or production processes. From 120 - 1100 litre wheeled bins, 550 litre plastic tubs, 14 – 30-yard closed containers and many other material handling and containment systems, Highlander is the natural choice for your branded material destruction requirements.

We also offer customers the chance to come and see their goods being destroyed and can even video part of the process for them, for added peace of mind that your branded packaging or goods are destroyed and disposed of and at the end of the process, we will always issue a destruction certificate as your guarantee the materials have been shredded, baled and disposed of, and all while operating to ISO9001 / EN15713 and ISO27001 standards at all times, with all operations covered by 20 CCTV cameras.

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Don't risk your company's reputation. Talk to the team at Highlander in Scotland about our product destruction service

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