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m&co recycling centre

Waste disposal management


Founded over 200 years ago M&Co are a well-known fashion brand, with have over 350 stores and a significant online sales presence. All serviced from their modern distribution centre just outside Glasgow.

The waste contract of M&Co was re-tendered in 2017. Highlander was delighted to present waste proposals. As always, Highlander performed a full waste audit looking at types and volumes of materials generated, existing handling methods and systems and disposal methods.

We produced a detailed recycling proposal aimed at increasing handling efficiency. Our proposal also significantly reduced waste costs and increased revenues from valuable recycling materials such as cardboard and polythene. Our recycling solutions are focused on reducing materials going to landfill.

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m&co recycling centre cardboard


We suggested installing two brand new “mill sized” balers and relocating some existing balers and compactor units. There are now two compactors and five balers in operation. One for general waste and another compactor for overspill loose cardboard. We then have a mill sized baler for 95-5 polythene, a second for cardboard and a third small baler for loose wax-coated paper and Jazz polythene. We supplied a spare baler in the unlikely event of a malfunction or breakdown, avoiding downtime.


To store and transport the bales of card, poly and other recyclable materials to our facility, we supplied a stand trailer at M&Co. Allowing larger volumes of baled and palletized material to be moved at each trip, vastly reduced transport costs per ton.


We offer a professional drop-off shredding service, operating out of our secure, CCTV-monitored paper Shredding Centre based in East Kilbride. This means you won’t have to endure noisy, messy or polluting shredding trucks on or near your premises. All papers and documents are shredded to EN15713 standards.

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