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Circular Economy and Sustainability

Take your circular economy, sustainability and recycling journey with Highlander – your local, independent materials recycling partner in Scotland who will strive for both environmental and service excellence for your waste recycling needs, at all times!


While the concept of a circular economy is not a new thing, it has certainly gained a lot of traction in recent times in response to the dramatic changes our planet is experiencing, from climate change, adverse and unpredictable weather conditions, resource shortages, air quality and pollution and other significant issues of concern for the world and its inhabitants.

The circular economy model of production and consumption, has been embraced by Highlander and in fact, has been used as a principle for our operations for many years! The staples of the circular economy, such as resource sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible, is what we do on a daily basis! Some basic examples of what we do here at Highlander includes our transport systems that looks to make each journey count by having the trucks loaded with goods and having a purpose on every trip they make and our recent venture into pallet and wood recycling has helped us do just that, by delivering pallets to customers on leg one of these journeys, while bringing back waste paper from the same customers in leg two of the journey!


We also have a repair shop in place for broken pallets, which otherwise would result in many pallets being sent for recycling but instead, given a second lease of life as a useful product for our customers and we have our own in-house maintenance team that looks to repair and refurbish parts and assets, rather than always just simply replace while consigning potentially useful items to waste. Of course, being a recycling company at our core since 2002, handling and recycling many waste materials such as paper, plastics, glass, pallets and wood, we have been an integral part of the circular economy for over 2 decades, by providing local, reliable and compliant recycling services to a wide range of industries and customers, providing the highest levels of service and waste handling and recycling on the Scottish market!

Highlander already has ISO14001 accreditation in place for our environmental management systems, as well as many other climate and sustainability objectives and achievements in place and these include having a carbon reduction plan in place to reduce our carbon footprint year on year, until we ultimately become carbon zero by 2030.

Stack of wooden pallets


Repair, recycle, reuse. Take your first steps towards sustainability with Highlander. Speak to our team in Scotland about our circular economy model.

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