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Highlander have provided wastepaper recycling services to Logson group sites in Scotland for several years and just recently, we installed a new dual compactor and waste diverter system at Boxes & Packaging in Dumbarton.

Another Highlander First! Twin Compactor & diverter Installed

Highlander have provided wastepaper recycling services to Logson group sites in Scotland for several years and just recently, we installed a new dual compactor and waste diverter system at Boxes & Packaging in Dumbarton. The site used antiquated machinery for both waste diversion and compaction, with various associated operational problems causing regular delays in the site’s production levels. Highlander are experts in these types of installations, having compactor systems sited at over 25 customers in Scotland and as part of this project, have installed 2 x “auto-alert” compactor units and automatic waste diverter system. The compactors alert Highlander and B&P staff whenever the compactor is 50% full, 60% full, 75% full and then when it is 100% full and requires emptying and at this stage, the system will automatically divert the waste to the adjacent compactor machine, meaning uninterrupted production for the site AND full containers are always collected!

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The use of auto alerts meant that we only empty the compactor bins when needed and when full, thus improving the overall cost-per-ton of each collection. The unit also provides electronic self-diagnosis meaning if any fault develops with the machine, a “fault” text message is sent to nominated recipients and to the manufacturer, meaning we can inform engineers in advance as to what the problem is, meaning the parts required can be taken with them in advance, resulting in quicker repair times here. We installed two Dicom R260 paper trim compactors and a state-of-the-art ducting system with a material diverter attached. Now, all paper trim is carried by air flow via the ducting system, straight to the diverter, then to the compactor hopper and finally pushed into the Highlander container. When the container reaches 100% or if the compactor becomes unavailable – through a fault or for any other reason - the air diverter system automatically diverts the material to start feeding the second compactor and container. The first compactor will also send a text message and email to Highlander to let us know that it needs emptied. We then send our HL20 Hook-lift truck to collect the 45-yard container and replace with an empty one, all ready to be filled again. Once the container has been exchanged over, we will also then receive an alert telling us this and the process starts all over again! The Air system and diverter was installed and provided by Impact Air, who have previously worked with Highlander in other projects such as Bell & Bain, Caps Cases and MBM Print so we were familiar with their products and services and sure their modern air separation and diverter systems would complement our compactor units with ease! The project was completed in 2 days from the start and resulted in minimal downtime for the site and has already started to make a difference to production.


Traditional compactor systems operate by a pressure switch activating, when the “back pressure” on the compactor ram reaches a certain level, which happens when the material starts to build up in the adjoining compactor container. All compactor machines have an illuminating ¾ (three quarter) light which comes on when the container is needing swapped over - the limitations of this system are that if the machine is in a remote area and no-one actually sees the ¾ light come on, no-one will in turn alert the waste contractor to come and change the container over – consequently, this will lead to the container being over-full and the compactor system – and sometimes a customer’s entire production - coming to a complete stop at significant cost and lost production. Even an employee at the factory who perhaps does notice the ¾ light is on but “forgets” to call the waste contractor in time, can inadvertently lead to the waste compactor becoming unavailable and potentially causing waste disposal issues – as well as potential lost production at your business. Traditional compactor systems – while clearly useful – definitely do have their limitations………………until now! As well as incorporating the old illuminating light systems, we now have an “auto-alert” system in place for the new compactor, which transmits an e-mail and / or text message to nominated operators (up to 14 is possible) who can then take appropriate action. Whether the action is to simply exchange the container over at ¾ full, or a fault has developed with the machine meaning a repair or maintenance is required, this alert system allows an interactive experience with the compactor machine meaning improved operation efficiency all-round.

Carbon savings using diverter system

The previous system was over 15 years old and had a manual diverter in place, unsuitable compactor units (not designed for trim waste) and no operational air separator, meaning poor compaction rates all round and poor payloads per skip – this meant the old contractor had to visit the site on a fixed schedule of 3 times per week for the trim waste compactors with an average payload of only 2 tons = 6 tons per week. With the correct equipment now in place, here are the savings made – both financially and environmentally: Payload with old contractor – 2 tons in a compactor container Payload with Highlander system – 5 tons in a compactor container Annual trim waste volumes – 300 tons per annum Scheduled collections required with old contractor – 150 visits per annum. Scheduled collections required with Highlander system – 60 visits per annum.

reduced collection frequencies vs old system:

Reduction in visits per annum – 90 visits per annum OR a 60% reduction in collections each year!! We also provided a slightly larger open top container for larger fraction waste items, again designed to reduce the number of collections required for this waste stream – details of reductions as below: Previous container provided to B&P – 35-yard open top. New container provided to B&P site – 45-yard open top. This is a 10-yard difference in containers for each and every exchange which is an increase of 28% - this increase will result in a reduction of exchanges as below: Approx annual open skip collections at 35-yard open size – 104 per annum (Old contractor) Approx annual open skip collections at 45-yard open size – 75 per annum (Highlander) This is a total annual trip saving to service Boxes & Packaging of: 90 (compactors) + 29 (open skip) = 119 visits per annum saved or 2 per week on average. Carbon saved per trip (2.68kg p litre of diesel used) based on 70 miles @ 8mpg = 90kg a trip or 10.6 tons pa!


To find out more about twin compactors, diverters and other waste disposal solutions,

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