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Campbells foods production plant


Cardboard baler installation.


A solution was sought for Campbell Foods for their cardboard material waste, which would reduce their costs, reduce their handling and increase rebates. Campbell Foods had a baler that produced bales of 100kg size, therefore they needed more collections to remove their bales, resulting in inefficient handling and time, both of which are very costly. Highlander installed a Dicom XXX mill sized baler at the site which allows for cardboard materials to be processed into mill ready bales.  This means that the collections for the bales are more efficient.  The machine produces bales of approximately 400kg each & are manually tied with 3.2mm black steel baling wire – this allows the bales to be collected by Highlander in 8 ton batches and the bales are ready to be sold directly to paper mills or plastic manufacturers, as no further baling or processing is required to get the bales “mill ready”.   Not only will this save Campbell Foods a lot of time, and money, they will also receive a rebate from Highlander for the high quality bales.  These balers can improve rebates to waste generators by up to £15 per ton as the baling costs are a direct saving for the waste paper company who can pass the added value onto the waste generators.

Campbell Foods premises


The installation was slightly more challenging than some of our other installations.  Firstly, there was the challenge of lifting the baler up a steep ramp, which was difficult on a forklift as the weight of the baler continuously pushed the forklift back down the ramp.  There was also a metal railing which reduced the amount of space we had to turn the baler.  Then, we met the challenge of being able to fit the baler and the hydraulic life within the compact doorway.  We initially thought we would need to remove part of the doorway, but we were able to remove the metal skirting from the baler which freed up a few millimetres to enable us to get through the door. We then had to move the baler through a very narrow corridor to get to the room where it was to be installed.


A further challenge was that the hydraulic cylinder was too high to fit within the room and was hitting of the ceiling!  Once the baler was removed from the hydraulic lift, it fit perfectly! We then carried out training and pictured below is the first bale that was produced using the new baler! We can provide these balers at great rates, at short notice to customers with full training and servicing included


We offer a professional drop-off shredding service, operating out of our secure, CCTV-monitored paper Shredding Centre based in East Kilbride. This means you won’t have to endure noisy, messy or polluting shredding trucks on or near your premises. All papers and documents are shredded to EN15713 standards.

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