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Waste management systems


MBM print – formerly known as McCorquodales, REXAM and SCA Speciality packaging had been located in Pollockshaws for nearly 25 years and decided it was time to move to more suitable premises as their operations changed since 1992. By chance the location of their new premises is directly next door to Highlander and this lead to one of the most innovative and unique waste removal systems ever implemented in waste paper, never mind in the history of Highlander and MBM!  In effect, the waste is now being pumped into the yard of Highlander directly from MBM operations right next door! This involves provision of a full air extraction system for waste paper and dust waste, a new compactor machine for trim waste and new 26 yard skip at the end of the compactor machine, to catch and contain the waste paper, ready for baling & dust waste is captured by an adapted 1100 litre wheeled container.


The system itself was designed and installed using 4 different engineering contractors and with the provision of some brand new equipment such as the compactor machine and container, mixed with some existing equipment from MBM’s factory in Pollockshaws such as the chopping fan, material balance fan ad dust extraction unit. The project began at the end of December and was completed 23rd January in its entirety. Highlander provides the power for all the machines and simply recharges the consumption at cost, by way of specially installed electricity meter. The total investment by Highlander is nearly £50,000, to be paid back over a long-term contract with MBM for all recyclable materials collected from the MBM sites. Some materials will need to be collected by way of plastic printer’s waste tubs such as polythene, cardboard and larger paper fractions which cannot be pumped through the air system provided, and this is done by way of curtain side vehicle, on a daily basis from the Pollockshaws site, with all printing operations moving to the new MBM site from March 2016.


Traditional compactor systems operate by a pressure switch activating, when the “back pressure” on the compactor ram reaches a certain level, which happens when the material starts to build up in the adjoining compactor container. All compactor machines have an illuminating ¾ (three quarter) light which comes on when the container is needing swapped over – the limitations of this system are that if the machine is in a remote area and no-one actually sees the ¾ light come on, no-one will in turn alert the waste contractor to come and change the container over – consequently, this will lead to the container being over-full and the compactor system coming to a complete stop. Even an employee at the factory who perhaps does notice the ¾ light is on but “forgets” to call the waste contractor in time, can inadvertently lead to the waste compactor becoming unavailable and potentially causing waste disposal issues – as well as potential lost production at your business. Traditional compactor systems – while clearly useful – definitely do have their limitations………………until now! As well as incorporating the old illuminating light systems, we now have an “auto-alert” system in place for the new compactor, which transmits an e-mail and / or text message to nominated operators (up to 7 is possible) who can then take appropriate action. Whether the action is to simply exchange the container over at ¾ full, or a fault has developed with the machine meaning a repair or maintenance is required, this alert system allows an interactive experience with the compactor machine meaning improved operation efficiency all-round, and we have already seen improvements.


We offer a professional drop-off shredding service, operating out of our secure, CCTV-monitored paper Shredding Centre based in East Kilbride. This means you won’t have to endure noisy, messy or polluting shredding trucks on or near your premises. All papers and documents are shredded to EN15713 standards.

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