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Solar Powered Compactor

Yes, Highlander does Solar powered compactors! Our business was the first in the UK to install a solar powered system. Helping you on your sustainability journey with more than just recycling.

We are pleased to announce the installation of a solar compactor machine at William Grant & Sons in Cumbernauld, for the compaction, destruction and recycling of redundant luxury whisky packaging.

The machine has 2 x solar panels which charges 2 marine batteries, which power the machine and an attached tipper system, allowing 1100 litre bins to be hydraulically lifted and contents dropped into the compactor hopper.

This is part of a 5-year contract with WM Grant’s, where we will collect and recycle cardboard, redundant packaging, metal, wood and glass, plus a baler is being installed for polythene next month and this constitutes all recyclable materials at the site, being separated, stored, collected and recycled all with Highlander containers and collection vehicles.

We thank William Grant for their trust in us and supporting local independent businesses to promote circular business in Scotland.

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