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New Recycling Initiative at Menzies Distribution

New Recycling Initiative at Menzies Distribution

Geraldine O’Brien, our Commercial Manager, has recently gained a new contract with Menzies Distribution.

When Geraldine first visited Menzies, she found that they had unnecessary costs relating to skips that were being processed as general waste. These were being used for materials that were recyclable with a rebate value. Geraldine worked with Menzies to help them streamline their waste so that instead of having to pay for their waste to be collected, they can actually MAKE money out of it!! On an annual basis, this totals a significant revenue rather than a high cost for the company.

Some of the changes made included Highlander installing a mill sized baler to produce poly bales that command a very respectable rebate per ton. Menzies are now producing 3 recyclable waste streams, which include polythene, cardboard and general waste paper, which will earn them rebates in excess of £10,000 per annum. As well as diverting from unnecessary landfill, this is consequently reducing their costs with their general waste management company.

Due to Menzies operational staff being dedicated to this type of change, Geraldine says that “Menzies are a shining example of implementing great recycling within a large busy facility” and Menzies are delighted with Highlander’s fast and efficient service.

We look forward to working with you Menzies Distribution!!

If you would also like to benefit from a free waste audit and review of your current solutions, please contact Geraldine on 01355 524 215.

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