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New Equipment for Highlander Customers

After Highlander signed a long-term contract with Arjo Wiggins this year, one of the objectives was to improve the site appearance by removing wheeled bins for general waste. We also planned to improve efficiency, reduce landfill and increase recycling and with this in mind, we embarked on a project to identify and then provide suitable recycling machinery to achieve these objectives. Since January Highlander has supplied 2 balers, 2 static compactors and three mobile compactors which have already greatly improved the management of both recyclable and general waste at the facility – furthermore the amount of general waste both in terms of volumes and collections has reduced dramatically providing both cost and environmental benefits.

We are delighted to provide some pictures of the machinery and we would be delighted to perform a full waste survey at any current or potential customers premises with view to providing similar machinery and the related benefits!

Stephen Duffy commented: “Given our status as a truly independent paper recycler for central Scotland, we give fair and objective recommendations from our comprehensive waste surveys which best suit the needs of our customers rather than our own needs or preferences viz a viz collection options, handling methods et al. Our objectives are simple -to save you money, increase your recycling rates, improve the quality of your recycling and provide environmental benefits also. We are confident our waste surveys can achieve these objectives and would be delighted to perform these completely free of charge and free of obligation.”

Please feel free to contact one of the Highlander clan today to arrange your survey – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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