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New contract gains and renewals for Highlander!

New contract gains and renewals for Highlander!

Highlander Paper recycling are Scotland’s largest independent paper recycler and recent finalist in the UK paper recycling company of the year category at the annual “Awards for Excellence”, recently won 2 prestigious paper recycling contracts in central Scotland, being Thomson Colour Printers and Bell & Bain – both located in Glasgow.

This represents a total increase in volumes of approximately 60 tons per week and as part of the contracts, Highlander have supplied brand new “Auto alert” compactor machines and compactor containers which automatically send a text and email to nominated contacts when the bin reaches ¾ full and needs to be changed over. Both installations were required to be fitted to existing air systems which drive trim waste paper from the point of guillotining to the compactor unit itself. Highlander also arranged

At the same time and using the same auto alert compactor technology at one area of the site, Highlander extended their long-term contract with Arjo Wiggins in Aberdeen. Here, Highlander also supplied a plastic baler, drop down-front wheeled bins for gathering of clear polythene at different areas of the site and a core shredder and metal stillages to reduce the volume of the approximately 50 tons of cores generated every month at the Arjo operation. This supplemented the existing waste handling equipment at the mill which includes a solar powered compactor system, 2 standard powered static compactors and 4 portable compactor units.

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