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Lanarkshire business excellence awards 2016 – Highlander entry and presentation

Stephen Duffy and his band of merry men – John Aedy, Eamon O’Neill and Awais Subhani (AKA Danny – our man from Pakistan) gave their joint presentation to the three eminent judges for the 2016 Lanarkshire small business Excellence awards, in the category of Best Small Business.

After being chosen as one of three finalists from the initial batch of applications, the next stage was to design and develop a power point presentation, which was duly shown to the judging panel on Monday 11th January at 2.15pm, at the Business Gateway offices in Coatbridge.

After overcoming acute nervousness and discounting the fact that Stephen Duffy is the worst public speaker ever, the team delivered a competent and interesting presentation which was acknowledged by all judges as providing a fascinating insight into our business and wider industry.

Stephen Duffy commented: “The team all contributed to a very professional presentation and completely unintentionally, we seemed to provide a bit of humour and entertainment to proceedings by implementing a poetic theme to the mix with new industry terms being coined such as “once it’s mixed it can’t be fixed” and “If kept apart, real recycling can start” and we even created a couple of Haiku’s at the end which we think lightened up the proceedings quite considerably! Our aim was to communicate our truly international approach by having a Scotsman, Englishman, Irishman and Pakistani team member say a little about who they are and what they do and as one of the judges pointed out, what added value each and every one of them brings to the company. After the presentation we were grilled by the judges on areas such as financial control, finding new markets, future growth plans, setting up local recycling schemes with customers et al. “

The session ended on a most jovial note – when asked by a judge whether we would be open to bringing in experts to help us, Stephen Duffy replied “Well we have supplied paper to Afghanistan before which would not have been possible without the help of Danny. I mean if I was to turn up in Kabul and say hi can I sell you some paper please, the likeliness is I would end up abducted, taken to the Tora Bora and held for ransom! So we recognise we need the edge of local market knowledge in some instances, for our sales and marketing strategies to work”

At the very least, everyone involved had some fun we hope!

I am delighted to enclose some of the slides we used in the presentation for your perusal (click below for the attachment) remember if you think you could benefit from a Highlander Recycling system at your workplace, please call us at 01355 524 215 for further advice and information. If you need a Security Shredding service to the highest possible professional standards, call our shredding team at 01355 241 088 today!

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