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Highlander – Recycling association membership and articles

Highlander have been members of the Recycling Association for over 12 months, successfully navigating our way through the initial probation period without so much as a bump! The association recently launched a print magazine for all members and in the second edition, contained 2 interesting articles which we attach for your attention. The association is now 40 years in existence in 2015 and there is a brief article describing how the association came about and even comes with one of the original documents upon which the organisation was founded!

The second article gives a brief rundown of the market place at present and in many respects echo’s the thought of our own Director Stephen Duffy, who in his recent article in Sustainable Ireland talked bullishly about the resilience of the paper market, especially as other key recycled commodities were struggling under the burden of uncertain economic conditions and weak demand.

Please feel free to read these articles (the file links are listed below in ‘Download Attachments’) and we hope you find them useful and interesting – if you have any questions about the articles, please feel free to contact Stephen Duffy directly at 01355 524 215.

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