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Highlander off to House of Commons!

Highlander off to House of Commons!

Highlander have been invited to Parliament!

After 25 years of being in the Paper Recycling industry, Brian Bingham Director and majority shareholder of Highlander Paper Recycling has been invited by The Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles to join “The Parliamentary Review” this year. Brian started recycling paper at the age of 17 years and the company has now the largest independent paper processing plant in Scotland, recycling over 1000 tonnes of paper per week and handling over 22 separate grades of waste paper. From starting with one old van collecting waste cardboard to accumulating assets of over £17 million pounds, this is not a bad achievement for someone with only three “O” levels!

Brian comments “this will be a fantastic opportunity to talk directly with the people who make the decisions on subjects of good working practice, including the living wage, equal pay, carbon footprint and local employment. It will also create an opportunity to voice our concerns over recycling material quality and the problems facing our country when trying to recycle more and importantly, to educate our younger generations in the recycling culture”.

Highlander Paper Recycling operates in East Kilbride from a former paper recycling plant previously owned by Hannay Waste paper, which was purpose built in 1965 for the processing and management of waste paper. In the last 4 years Highlander have invested over £3.5 million in renovations of the old site with assistance from South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Enterprise and has plans to invest an additional £1.5 million on additional machinery, transport infrastructure and staff training.

Documents headed “The Parliamentary Review” will be released by Westminster in September this year where you can read a statement from our Prime Minister Teresa May and will include an article written by Brian. You can find out more about the review here:

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