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Here We go! New Recycling systems for M&Co!

Here We go! New Recycling systems for M&Co!

Highlander are delighted to announce a new long-term contract with M&Co (MacKays) which will revolutionise their recycling! This new recycling system has now been incorporated into the M&Co operations for about 1 month so far and things are going very smoothly – the new systems were designed to capture more materials for recycling, reduce general waste volumes and costs, streamline recycling systems for the main waste materials at the depot (Cardboard and polythene) and generally improve the efficiency of the entire recycling operation.

Highlander and M&Co worked closely to create a long-term recycling solution which would be easy to use, convenient and efficient and started with the concept of having a dedicated “recycling centre” at the M&Co distribution centre in Inchinnan which would serve as a focal point for all waste management and illustrate to staff, the importance of recycling and how seriously it was being taken by the company. Once this area was identified, Highlander recommended the provision of 2 x mill sized balers (One for plastic and one for cardboard waste) and the re-assignment of some existing machinery to allow the baling of new materials identified as suitable for recycling from the overall waste stream. Once implemented, the general waste volumes were minimal and we estimate that between waste disposal costs and extra revenue generated, M&Co will potentially save £100,000 over the contract term AS WELL as increasing recycling volumes dramatically!

For more information or on how to revolutionise your recycling, contact our commercial team today at 01355 524 215 or geraldine@

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