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Wooden pallet recycling at Highlander

At Highlander, our focus is always on recycling and looking for new ways to increase recycling volumes and minimise materials intended for landfill.

Historically, this focused on paper, cardboard and plastic.

After learning a very concerning statistic, that tonnes of wood are sent to landfill every year, we have extended our recycling services to include wood.

Every year 10 million tonnes of wood is disposed of in the UK with only 1 million tonnes of it being recycled. With pallets and wooden packaging a significant proportion of this.

At Highlander, we aim to get as many pallets as possible back into circulation, focusing on reuse rather than disposal, with only broken or damaged pallets being recycled. Pallets that cannot be repaired or reused, are then recycled into new wood products like wooden boards for flooring and construction, biomass fuel and animal bedding.

Our pallet collection service is available across the central belt and as our vehicles are designed to carry light materials, unlike other wood recyclers, we can offer very competitive rates, thanks to the more economical running costs of our fleet.

Recycling wood is not only a sound environmental practice to protect forests worldwide, but with the current landfill costs, recycling your waste wood is financially sound too.

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