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The Enemy of Recycling

The Resource Association recently produced a video which outlines the main enemy to quality recycling contamination! At Highlander, we push for source separated and separately collected recovered materials as this method is proven to produce the best quality resources for the various re-processors throughout the worldwide market place. We are delighted to enclose the video from the You Tube platform as below:

Good quality recovered materials will ALWAYS find keen buyers regardless of the market conditions and at Highlander, we can provide you contractual peace of mind for selected grades of quality recovered paper, we encourage suppliers of all recovered paper grades to comply with the specifications of the Highlander Recovered material load standards and material quality specifications and the new EN643, this will result in the production of high quality recovered materials which will be attractive to a wide range of re-processors. For further information on paper quality standards please contact Stephen Duffy at 01355 524 215 or Stephen@

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