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Sustainable Ireland annual awards ceremony

Sustainable Ireland annual awards ceremony – Highlander International Recycling preview:

On the 14th September, Sustainable Ireland hold their annual Recycling awards ceremony at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast.

All staff from Highlander International Recycling will be in attendance at the ceremony, as both an entrant and sponsor of an award.

Highlander International have decided to sponsor the “Environmental Project of the year” award, which will be presented to the individual or company who has implemented or designed a programme or project dedicated to environmental issues.

Highlander Director, Stephen Duffy, will be presenting the award to the winning company and commented:

“Highlander are delighted to be involved in the ceremonies for the Sustainable Ireland Awards and naturally, we hope our commitment to the environment is reflected in our willingness to sponsor the best Environmental project, a category that will quite rightly recognise and reward the hard work of the eventual winner. We are sure that it will be a very successful day for all concerned and everyone at Highlander is looking forward to being involved in this important industry event”

As a sponsor, Highlander International will have a distinct presence at the awards and will have our own stand and banner display present“ we would be delighted to speak to you at the event so feel free to come up and chat to us!

Highlander have also entered the “Recycling Industry award” category. The nature of this award is to recognise the organisation which demonstrates high standards of resource efficiency in the collection and / or sorting and / or re-processing of material as its core business. Highlander have decided to present our unique news and pams collection system to the panel of judges as an innovative and efficient process that drastically reduces vehicle movements and carbon emissions, while providing a local outlet and solution for de-ink grades such as news and pams and over issue news.

The entry is entitled “Making paper matter“ again and again” and charts the entire shipping, handling and logistics systems utilised to bring finished newspaper in from our approved processing partner, Norske Skog Skogn mill, situated on the Western Coast of Norway, while back-loading locally sourced recovered paper to Norway, from many reputable suppliers such as Bryson Recycling, Recyco, Greyhound Recycling and Glassdon Recycling.

We are delighted to allow our customers the opportunity to view our award entry.

We hope that the ceremony is successful for Highlander, both as a sponsor and an entrant and we will provide details and pictures of the event for all customers to view, shortly after our return from Belfast!

Stephen Duffy Managing Director Highlander International Recycling

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