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Quality counts – Highlander takes part in China export conference

Quality counts – Highlander takes part in China export conference

Highlander recently attended the CCIC China quality seminars in Glasgow, where the requirements for shipping material to China were discussed in detail

The requirements in brief, are as below:

  1. Zero tolerance for any radioactive material or ammunition

  2. 0.01% tolerance for material such as medical waste

  3. 0.5% tolerance for other contamination such as wood, plastics, metals etc.

  4. 0.01% for food residue or “just a banana could do it.”

Click here for more information on the seminars and the requirements to export to China

Highlander will be taking the export requirements and incorporating these into our quality procedures, thus having these new systems ISO9001 accredited. This means our processes will be externally audited not only by CCIC but by our quality auditor – both internally and more importantly, externally audited. We will look to develop a quality station with the ability to take sample of both material coming in and going out of the depot and develop robust procedures to identify non-conforming material, where it came from and communication processes allowing us to bring this to the attention of the customer who supplied the non-conforming materials, quickly and efficiently.

If you would like to find out more about the importance of material quality and what Highlander are doing to ensure only the best material is sold to ALL our paper mill partners, call our commercial department now, at 01355 524 215.

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