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Paper Prices for the Irish Market

It’s long been a complaint of recyclers from Ireland that waste material prices are not relevant to the local market there, however Highlander International are aiming to work with Sustainable Ireland to put that right.

Starting in their current issue, out now, we will be giving you a regular guide to what prices you can expect on the export market, primarily for paper. Presently, two main Indices are used in the WRAP price index and one provided by the Lets recycle website. Widely accepted as they are, the main complaint for producers, collectors and recyclers is that these indices are based on middle England prices.

These indices, unfortunately, do not reflect the reality of the Irish market where prices are considerably less due to higher transport costs and less competition. Prices will be provided in both Sterling and Euro for the various grades of paper, including mixed, sorted office waste, de-ink and tissue.

Of course, being a quarterly published magazine, the price index will only provide a guide, showing the highs and lows over the relevant quarter; however, there will be able a regularly updated index on their website at

In each magazine issue, Highlander will present a general overview of the paper market, looking back at the previous three months, and ahead to the following three month period, reporting on movements and other developments in the marketplace.

We are hoping this will achieve greater clarity of prices for all concerned and an informed view of the market situation that is on-going.

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