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Highlander contract renewal and baler provision

Highlander have been in partnership with Kintyre Recycling – a social enterprise based in Campbeltown – for several years and when Kintyre were presented with significantly more volumes to handle, we jumped right into action to help!

Highlander supplied a mill sized baler to the management team there and some advice on material sorting and processing, to allow the Kintyre team to cope with the new volumes safely and efficiently.

Stephen Duffy Highlander Director commented: “Kintyre do some fantastic work in their local community and we have been lucky and privileged to be working in partnership with them for several years. When Amanda & David explained their forthcoming increased volumes, we had no hesitation in helping and we were pleased to supply a new mill sized baler, guaranteed outlet for their recycled materials and great market prices all on a long-term contract basis. We even agreed to publicise this in the local press and commissioned an article in this week’s paper so all the residents in the Argyle and Bute area, know exactly what happens to their recycled materials when they are collected by Kintyre and so they can rest assured, the materials are being recycled responsibly at Highlander approved processors.”

A copy of the article as attached and we would be delighted if you could visit the web-site of Kintyre Recycling to see first-hand, the amazing work they do with so many people in the area –

Thank you for your interest in our company we really appreciate it!

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