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Highlander at Scot-plant show 2016

Highlander have invested heavily in new equipment since the formation of our purpose built recycling facility in East Kilbride and no more so than our materials handling operations. We have to date purchased 5 JCB Tele-trucks with various materials attachments our most recent being a 3.5 ton 4×4 unit to allow safe lifting of reels of paper of 3 tons and so we can safely lift 3 bales of paper at once weighing around 2.5 tons.

Scot JCB, Scottish distributors of JCB products, recently displayed at the Scot-plant show held at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, on April 22 & 23. We are please to say Highlander featured prominently at the outside JCB display, where we had out sticker livery attached to the Tele-truck on show that day, pictures of the truck and sticker at the display and some pictures of our main JCB trucks in action at our depot are attached for your viewing pleasure!

For more information on Scot JCB, please click on the link below:

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