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The Box Shop – Case Study

Highlander International Recycling Ltd has been in partnership with Boxshop for a number of years and collect and recycle all of their loose waste paper streams. Boxshop (part of the Logson Group) is Scotland’s largest sheet plant for making corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging. They have an impressive portfolio of systems and machinery, which enables them to service an extensive range of industries and provide packaging solutions, all across Scotland. For their recently opened production operation in East Kilbride, we assisted Boxshop with the installation of a new air waste extraction system and provided a brand-new alert compactor, for the air system separator to be mounted on top of. The use of these new machines will dramatically increase waste removal and recycling efficiency, by automating their cardboard trim waste extraction and containment, saving significant labour and time! The air extraction system allows cardboard trim waste to be sucked up directly from the case making machinery through a large fan and separator into our compactor system, which is positioned outside of the warehouse and has a 45-yard compactor container attached. The compactor system then alerts Highlander and Boxshop staff directly via e-mail when the skip is 50%, 60%, 75% and 100% full, and we can schedule an uplift and replacement of the skip without interrupting the business’s operations or requiring any intervention from Boxshop employees. The feed hopper is also fitted with 2 x sensors to ensure maximum recycling efficiency and to prevent any “backing up” blockages in the ducting system. Safety is a priority for us at Highlander, hence we also installed 2 x internal safety alarms, to inform Boxshop staff of any compactor or air system issues. We couldn’t be more delighted with the outcome! Massive thanks to David Milligan and Alison Milligan and the Boxshop team, who are a dream to work with and we at Highlander, cannot thank them enough for their collaboration and continued business!

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