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New additions to the Highlander Collection Fleet!

New additions to the Highlander Collection Fleet!

Highlander have recently added not 1, but 2 brand new trucks to the fleet with the acquisition of 2 x HL5 hook-lift trucks which have already been deployed and are helping our customers recycle more of their waste, especially at this busy time of the year! The trucks are rated with a higher lifting capacity than our previous units meaning we can lift heavier containers and payloads – the trucks are also more fuel efficient and the most recent of the two also comes with remote lifting controls, which means the driver can lift the bins out-with the confines of his cab! This will result in a much safer and reliable collection and bin swap-over process, while operating 2 brand new trucks and lifting systems, will undoubtedly provide increased reliability, meaning service enhancements for all Highlander customers!

Come join the Highlander Clan today! To find out more call now at 01355 524215 or e-mail stephen@

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