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Highlander weighs-in with new scales!

Highlander International Recycling recently upgraded our site weigh-bridge system from our old “on ground / drive up” system to a brand new “in floor / drive on” system with total investment of over £30,000.

This new system is level with the surrounding yard concrete meaning easier access and egress to and from the weigh scale as opposed to the drive-up ramp bridge in use previously.

We have noticed a huge difference in efficiency already by cutting the time spent weighing each vehicle by about 30% – considering we weigh around 50 vehicles a day, this is a significant saving in time for our staff.

We have also connected the weighbridge to our “Cie trade” recycling software package meaning weights can be recordered quickly and accurately without having to hand write any tickets and removes completely, any chance of human error when recording weights.

The system was successfully calibrated by the weighbridge supplier prior to final commissioning meaning we can weigh all loads received at the depot to the nearest kilogram!

Pictures above and below are of the installation and the first truck to be successfully and legally weighed. Thanks again to our customers and suppliers for their patience during the install process and we hope the new system is to your satisfaction!

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