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Highlander Transport enhancements

Highlander International Recycling introduced a new collection service to the market earlier this year and to say it has been a success would be an understatement! Since we started with an Transport Operator’s licence for 2 trucks and one actual truck, we have grown this to having an O Licence for 6 trucks and actually operating 4 as of today.

The latest addition to the fleet has been another Roll on / off style truck, this HL5 truck is a 12 ton rated Hyva hook-lift with auto-sheet system and with the rating being increased by 2 tons versus our other hooklift, we can now collect heavier loads from a wider range of customers. The main aim was to provide back-up for the main truck however with the company expanding as it has done, we may need to get another back up shortly for these 2 trucks! As well as the new truck, we have also invested in more collection containers, being open top bins, closed containers and a special curtain-side Roll on / off body.

Stephen Duffy commented: “The transport and collection side of things was initially planned to be a smaller part of the business with 2 trucks on the road however given the popularity of the services offered by Highlander, we are at 4 operating trucks already, complimented by around 40 collection containers. We anticipate 1 more truck before the turn of the year to service a couple of larger customers we hope to bring onboard and although our licence limit is 6 units, chances are we will need to extend that licence for a second time, early next year. We would be delighted to discuss your recycling requirements in more detail and are 100% confident we have the correct recycling solution for your company, call us at 01355 524 215 for a free of charge recycling audit, at your convenience”

Contact our commercial team now at 01355 524 215 for more information on how we can increase your recycling and save your company money!

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