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Highlander’s First Dual Compactor System!

Over the last 6 months, we have been working on a special project with Bell & Bain, one of the largest and oldest printing companies in the UK.  We have worked with Bell & Bain for several years and we were approached early this year to examine further improvements to their waste handing systems and using our many years of expertise, we suggested a dual compactor system!

This entailed two Dicom R260 paper trim compactors and a state of the art ducting system which was, commissioned on the 4th October.  Now, all paper trim will be carried by air pressure via the ducting system straight to the compactors and finally pushed into a Highlander container.  The high spec system recognises when the container is 50%, 75% and 100% full and automatically diverts material when the original compactor goes full or becomes unavailable, to start feeding the other compactor & container.  When the 100% full signal activates, the first compactor sends us a text message and email to let us know that it needs to be emptied!  We are then able to send our HL5 hooklift truck to collect the container and replace with an empty one, all ready to be filled again. 

This is one of the largest projects we have been involved in and has seen a significant combined investment from both ourselves and Bell & Bain.

If you would like to improve your waste stream, please call us on 01355 524215

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