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Highlander are proud to help support local people in gaining employment

Highlander have a long working relationship with LAMH Recycle Ltd and are proud to help support local people in gaining employment.

LAMH Recycle offer a service to give local people an opportunity to develop their personal employment goals and improve their skills through voluntary work, training, education and paid employment. Once an employee completes their apprenticeship with LAMH Recycle, they are unfortunately unable to continue their employment due to funding. Highlander are delighted to offer anyone from LAMH Recycle a paid 2 day trial within our yard and the chance of a full time position within our company. This trial period allows the candidate an opportunity to see what would be involved in working for Highlander.

One of our employees who followed this process is Alan John Burns who has worked with Highlander for over 18 months and really enjoys working here. We have also recently recruited Kevin Daly who was offered a full time position upon completion of his 2 day trial period which finished a few weeks ago. Kevin said that LAMH Recycle did a lot for him and he thinks his new job is brilliant and is enjoying working here.

Anita Boyle from LAMH Recycle says ”LAMH Recycle Ltd is primarily about the development of people through our employability programmes and giving individuals the opportunity to turn their life around. I am delighted that the partnership we have with Highlander International for our cardboard/paper recycling has now expanded to giving individuals that we see potential in, a work trial with a guaranteed interview. To date 2 people are now in permanent employment through this process. This is fantastic news for us because we see the individuals blossom before our eyes but are not always able to employ them ourselves because of financial restraints . Knowing that Highlander will give our trainees an opportunity to prove themselves on merit rather than being an “outstanding interviewee” makes all the difference to the people we have on our programmes and what makes this partnership work so well. Thanks again Highlander International.”

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