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Fijian Adventure

“Fijian Adventure”

We recently supported Kaitlin Callaghan, a recent graduate from Stirling University, on her fundraising activities to travel to Fiji with Think Pacific, a charity which aims to provide children in rural Fiji with a quality education.

The condition of schools in rural Fiji are poor and devoid of basic facilities, 75% of children live below the poverty line and only 5% of children have access to a primary school education. Think Pacific, are actively aiming to replenish school resources, provide teacher training, help rebuild essential facilities and increase standards in education, extracurricular activities and sports.

Kaitlin has recently graduated as a PE teacher and will soon start her teaching at a local secondary school and is extremely passionate about promoting the positive values that sport and physical activity offer, from living a healthy lifestyle to sportsmanship, respect and honesty. She feels incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to study something she feels so strongly and passionately about and couldn’t wait to share these values with the children in Fiji and increase their quality of education.

She writes…


I have just returned home from my month-long expedition in Fiji; having spent my time living in a rural village with my Fijian family it feels very surreal to return to normality. This experience was extremely eye-opening, it allowed me to experience a completely different culture at the other side of the world where family and community is the most important thing. It was amazing to live in a village full of love, kindness and generosity, where there was no phone signal, WiFi, limited T.V. and the nearest town was over an hour away. Living in such a remote environment allowed me to reflect on what really matters in life. One of the main objectives of my trip was to teach children who struggle in the class environment. I was responsible for two 11-year-olds Meri and Bill who I taught English, Maths and sports to. It was extremely rewarding giving these students the attention and care they needed to develop their education further, it was amazing to see their confidence grow over the short time that I was there.

The children and families demonstrated a huge amount of gratitude towards the volunteers for the interest and determination made towards improving their education. I can’t thank Brian at Highlander Security Shredding enough for supporting me in my aim to help improve the quality of education that Fijian children receive.



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