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Why choose off-site shredding?

A fully secure shredding solution is essential for any business to protect customer, staff and confidential data and records. While some companies opt for an on-site shredding service more and more are switching to off-site both for the costs-savings and the environmental impact it can have.

At Highlander, we provide an off-site solution, our processes ensure complete security and safety of your confidential papers and documents, as well as providing an environmentally sound service.

Some of the biggest names in Health Care and the Automotive and Construction industries in Scotland have seen the benefit of switching from an on-site shredding service to Highlander. Not only on their bottom line with our cost-effective service but also in their environmental targets after seeing the reduction in their carbon footprint.

Instead of having a shredding truck outside your business for hours producing harmful pollution and paying increased costs from fuel charges. Highlanders fleet of tracked secure vehicles, collect shredding materials from your business and deliver it to our shredding centre. Here we use energy from the national grid to power three modern industrial shredders, capable of shredding eight tons of paper per hour, giving us the largest shredding capacity in Scotland. An on-site shredding truck would take over 4-hours to shred this volume of paper.

Off-site shredding with Highlander provides a much more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option, as 100% of your shredded paper is recycled.

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