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What do shredding companies do with the paper?

We get asked this a lot! At Highlander, we recycle 100% of your documents and papers.

The paper we collect for shredding from offices and homes is good quality white paper and is easily recycled. Mostly used for invoices, letters, bank statements and bills. We advise shredding all these documents as they contain sensitive or personal information.

All collected materials are returned to our secure destruction centre and shredded within 24hrs.

Once shredded the paper is secured into large bales and transported to paper mills across the UK and Europe. To be used in the manufacturing of new paper products for the publishing industry, recycled writing and wrapping paper or luxury tissue products.

Shredding paper improves the recycling process. The manufacturer of paper from recycled materials uses 70% less energy making it much more environmentally beneficial. Recycling paper not only saves energy but recycling merely 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees.

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