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New security shredding area

In line with our ethos of continuous improvement throughout the company, Highlander has invested in a new security shredding area. To provide further protection to the documents and goods contracted to Highlander for destruction.

The new protection system covers the entire processing area of our Hammermill and Imabe baling operations meaning that customers can be assured of 100% protection and security. The new shredding area will now be enclosed by a secure fence and only accessible to Highlander staff who have been security vetted. The entire area is already covered by CCTV and with our unique bar-code monitoring system, we are sure this service is now unrivalled in the marketplace.

Commenting on the new installation, Stephen Duffy said:

“While the site was already secure with vehicle barrier, pedestrian access prevention systems and electronic fob entry system, this new fencing area will allow all items for destruction to be stored directly within the processing area where the shredder is located, meaning security and efficiency advantages for both the company and our customers. This represents the final piece of the jigsaw viz a viz our document and product destruction services and we are now in a position to process up to 300 tons per week of materials in a secure and environmentally friendly manner, in line with paper industry standards”.

We would be delighted for customers to come and visit our facility to see the new security area and to see how our services can benefit you, feel free to contact our commercial team at 01355 524215 to arrange a convenient time thank you!

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