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Need a domestic shredding service?

As more people work from home, downsize or clear out. The need for domestic shredding is increasing. There are more and more documents and papers with sensitive or personal information on them.

Identity fraud and scams are in the news daily. Not to mention the crooks who are always looking for new ways to exploit sensitive data and information, from personal documents to business forms and records.

But how can you get rid of a personal or sensitive document securely and be sure your data is safe. The simple answer is shredding. Leaving two options, hours feeding a home shredder or a shredding company. Anyone who has used a home shredder knows this is back-breaking work.

Furthermore, many shredding companies provide only a commercial service. And those who do offer the service charge commercial rates for domestic shredding. However, we don’t. Since our rates are designed to be affordable for individual households.

Drop off or collection?

We offer a drop off service at our East Kilbride Shredding Centre for domestic shredding, with prices as low as £2.00 per bag. A bag can be a standard bin bag, carrier bag or archive box. In either case, there are no weight limits on bags or boxes.

If you have a larger volume or it is just more convenient, book a collection. With a standard charge for each location that covers up to 10 bags or boxes. Any extras over the 10, are charged at £2.00 each. We provide collections across Scotland and our collection schedule is flexible, with pickups throughout the day.

If you are working from home and need to shred confidential work documents, we can provide a certificate of destruction. A guarantee that all documents have been securely shredded which can be passed to your company.

Interested? Get a quote today.

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