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Highlanders Business Partnership with Duncanrig Secondary School!

Brian Bingham CEO of Highlander and Ingrid Boyd Depute Headteacher was invited to South Lanarkshire Council, by Alison Nimmo, DYW Programme Manager to showcase good practice regarding the Business partnership established with Highlander Recycling International.

The following members of staff also attended:

Drew Sinclair – DYW lead

Alan Wilkie – English Teacher responsible for Scottish Studies Project

Jill Sloway – Art Teacher responsible for creating Art work

Members of staff from the South Lanarkshire schools involved in DYW, Skills Development Scotland staff and Careers Advisers attended the event.

Alan Wilkie gave a very informative presentation detailing Brian Bingham’s input with regard to our Wan Use is Nae Use project – providing reusable water bottles and expert advice regarding making our project sustainable. Brian spoke about the Business partnership with Duncanrig Secondary School and more importantly about his input regarding our Wan Use is Nae use – and about the importance of trying to get rid of plastic bottles in Duncanrig Secondary School. Also about the input regarding the design and supply of the H20 20 bottle!

Brian Bingham has supported Duncanrig Secondary School in many ways such as providing work experience, summer employment, factory tours for pupils and lets not forget providing funding for the fantastic signage for their Nail Bar & Barista Bar! 

Drew Sinclair spoke about our new way of collecting data for positive destinations which is proving to be very successful with Duncanrig having the best ever figures for positive destination in 2018-2019.

The conference was very successful and feedback received from all those who attended was very positive. Some other schools have been in contact with Duncanrig Secondary to find out more about developing Business Partnership.

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