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Highlander Hits Edinburgh!

Highlander have recently hit Edinburgh in our quest to provide a low-cost, but professional Security Shredding area for the many offices and businesses in the area! We will be sending our commercial team there for the next 2 months to drop in and say hello to anyone and everyone who may have a destruction requirement for confidential waste.

Our “Clan” members who have hit the pavements on the streets of our capital city have been given a great welcome by the scores of people we have been introduced to – if you happen to encounter any of the “Clan” you will know them by our distinctive shark livery on all our promotional items and obviously, they would be grateful for a chat, a sit-down and even a cup of tea if one is going! We expect our popular service to grow dramatically in this area over the coming period with this expansion into the East coast coming after our recent, significant investment in our new shredding area – Highlander now have the largest destruction capacity in Scotland bar none and our Mezzanine viewing area gives our customers the chance to come and view the whole process in comfort and with a coffee and biscuit!

For more information about our shredding services and to find out how much you could save by switching to Highlander, call now at 01355 241 088 or to see how the shredding process works in more detail!”

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