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Highlander & Arjo Wiggins – Waste education and training presentations

Highlander & Arjo Wiggins – Waste education and training presentations

Highlander have been waste partners of Arjo Wiggins for several years, handling a wide range and large volumes of waste materials on their behalf. Over the last 12 months, Highlander have introduced various new waste handling systems at the site with the objective of reducing landfill disposal and associated costs while increasing recycling and associated commodity values in tandem.

Given the large employee numbers and the fact the mill operates 24/7, getting the new recycling message and procedures across to all staff would prove to be a challenge however the problem was solved with the development and delivery of a comprehensive training presentation – this was attended by every member of staff at the mill, split over a 5 week period and covered all waste management procedures, improvements and some of the benefits the new systems had already brought including a reduction in general waste volumes by up to 65% and reduction in costs despite landfill tax and charges increasing every year!

Highlander Director Stephen Duffy commented: “With new waste legislation being introduced, coupled with customer and commercial pressures being placed on all businesses apropos increasing recycling rates and recycled material qualities, it became clear that the introduction of various new recycling and disposal systems at Arjo – designed to reduce landfill and costs while increasing recycling and commodity revenues – would need to be backed up by a targeted, specific recycling communication program to cover all waste and recycling procedures at the mill for all staff at the mill. The training presentations were identified as a key method of informing the staff and Arjo kindly allocated an hour at all their annual business briefings across a 5-week period, to allow these presentations to be delivered! The response by all the staff was fantastic and the ideas received well and we are certain the new systems backed up with this vital education program, will allow us to meet our ambitious waste and recycling targets over the next few years!”

Following on from, and being based on the presentations, Highlander will also develop a waste and recycling induction video for all new starts at the mill and will also develop new signage across the mill which will reinforce the recycling message across the entire site!

For more information on the training presentations and how Highlander can revolutionise YOUR recycling, call Stephen Duffy now at 01355 524 215 or stephen@ today!!

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