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Essential Supplies for Essential workers!

On Friday we supplied our key workers with a little thank you gift for all their hard work and dedication to not only their job but the company.

As some of you might already know, Highlander are key suppliers of secondary fibre to the medical and healthcare industries.

One of our customers that supply various big chains of toilet roll wholesalers were so kind to send us up an entire pallet of toilet rolls as a thank you for all our hard work in producing the material that goes into the making of these products that are in high demand, especially at this moment in time!

250 – 350  tonnes of recycled fibre is dispatched from Highlander every week for the purpose of tissue making, all manufactured in the UK. Highlander pride themselves on their carbon footprint ensuring all paper is recycled within local markets.

Highlander employ over 50 people in East Kilbride sourcing fibre from printers, packaging companies and security shredding customers such as lawyers’, accountant’s, insurance brokers etc.

Highlander is account managed by Scottish enterprise which is supported by the Scottish executive reporting daily to Highlander on updates of the corona virus pandemic to ensure that all essential workers are protected and briefed to government guidelines.

Highlander CEO Brian Bingham hands out free toilet tissue for all essential staff showing appreciation for their time and commitment in helping the supply of toilet tissue into supermarkets and hospitals.

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