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Clear out the office for your return

Finally, the end is in sight, we are getting that little bit closer to returning to the office. Getting out of your dining or spare room and catching up on the gossip.

But what will you find on your return? Weeks of unopened mail, stack’s of paperwork that’s no longer required, filing cabinets overflowing, your document archive still waiting to be emptied from last year? Many of these documents and papers contain sensitive customer or staff information.

Remove the stress and let Highlander Security Shredding take care of your old documents. Highlanders one-off shredding service is perfect for a document archive clearance, removing all those papers, confidential or sensitive documents that are now outdated, no longer needed and taking up valuable space.

Shredding is widely considered to be the most secure way of disposing of documents and papers. By shredding your papers and documents you can protect your staff and customers information from ending up in the wrong hands.

Our specialist team are trained, security vetted and work according to the highest standards and regulations dealing with data protection and confidential waste.

From a document clearance of a walk-in container, the collection of pallets of archive boxes to removing bags of documents, the Highlander team will manage everything. All sensitive documents and papers are removed quickly and efficiently and returned to our secure destruction centre for shredding.

We supply a certificate of destruction, your guarantee, upon completion of shredding. All documents are shredded within 24 hours. We recycle 100% of the shredded material too.

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