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“Big Gus looks to pimp his ride!”

“Big Gus looks to pimp his ride!”

It’s probably sentimental but we just can’t bear to let our wee 1.5 ton TCM forklift go to the scrap yard – it was the first Forklift we bought for the depot back in 2011 and we would all be pretty upset if it left the clan for forklift heaven! So when it’s high protector – Big Gus – suggested a total makeover for the machine we agreed with gusto!! After much TLC (and £3000 in parts!) she is back to her beautiful best and looking pretty damn good for a 10 year old!! You can see the before and after images (see below) with huge credit going to the Gus for his meticulous paint job – you’d put Michaelangelo to shame big man!!

We hope she will never retire fully but when she eventually gives up the ghost, she will be the first piece for the Highlander Museum!

For more information about our other pimp-ups give us a call today at 01355 524 215!! Thanks for your interest in our company and we hope to be of service to you in the very near future!!

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