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2nd generation Duffy starts Induction training!

2nd generation Duffy starts Induction training!

Stephen Duffy Junior – son of Highlander Director Stephen Duffy – recently “started” his 15-year induction training programme with the company, with a visit to the factory during his Easter holidays! Here, he learned all about the paper grades we collect and recycle and met some of the staff although unsurprisingly, he was more interested in having a go on one of the JCB grabs we use to recycle cardboard! Naturally we could not allow that until he gets his training certificate……………………..sometime in 2028!

We will naturally, keep you all posted on his progress through the Highlander ranks! To find out more about our company succession planning or just to get the best deal for your recycling in the market, call us now on 01355 524 215!!

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