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Weird & Wonderful Products Made From Recycled Materials

Recycling is a part of everyday life at this stage, with pretty much every home and business around the UK separating items out of their waste that can be recycled. However while this is now part of the routine, not many people consider where their recycling actually goes and in what form it might end up next.


Join Highlander Security Shredding as we explore some of the weird and wonderful products made from recycled materials.

Shoes & Trainers

Shoes and trainers from top brands are now partly made from recycled materials. Adidas pledged to eliminate its use of virgin polyester by 2024, while Converse offers a shoe made from 30-40% recycled materials.


However, if you’re looking for a show made from only recycled materials, there aren’t many solutions yet. A company called Yatay does offer a ‘bio-sneaker’, made from materials such as recycled tyres and water bottles.


Most modern carpeting is made from plastic fibres, and there are now plenty of carpets available that are made out of recycled plastic and other waste materials. One UK brand called Sedna offers flooring options made out of regenerated nylon.


This style of regenerated materials is made from recycled waste materials such as old carpets and even abandoned fishing nets collected from the bottom of the ocean. Plus it has the added benefit of making the ocean safer by removing these dangerous nets.


The roads under your feet could be made from recycled waste material. Old road material is commonly used to help make new roads, whether this is completely new stretches or the repair of potholes. Another material that roads are made out of is discarded plastic waste such as wrappers and bottles.

Gum Recycling

One uncommon form of recycling that you might not have considered is chewing gum. Old chewing gum can actually be recycled into Gum-tec, which is a range of compounds that can be used in a plethora of rubber and plastic products such as shoes and packaging.

Your Reliable Shredding Company In Scotland

While we don’t recycle our waste into some of the weird and wonderful items above, Highlander Security Shredding turns all of our waste material into compact bales, which are then sent to paper mills. At these mills, they are then reborn as new paper products, with most of our waste turned into products in the tissue sector such as toilet tissue or hand towels.


We offer paper shredding services to clients across Scotland, as well as offering wood recycling, glass recycling and product destruction services to businesses and the public. With us, you can rest assured that any confidential waste is shredded within 24 hours, eliminating the risk of data breaches and damage to your reputation.


If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, contact us today.

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