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Top Industries That Require Confidential Document Disposal

Gone are the days when documents could be put in the general waste bin and disregarded. In our modern world, businesses need to dispose of sensitive materials responsibly. To do so, many industries opt for a professional paper shredding company to take the frustration out of secure document destruction.


In this article, we will cover why destroying documents is important to a variety of industries, as well as the legal requirements of businesses that deal with personal data. You can also read about some of the advantages that uniquely come with shredding, and how our team at Highlander Security Services can help you reap those benefits.


So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover everything you need to know about shredding services.

The History of Destroying Documents

The professional business of confidential document shredding hasn’t always been something that companies seek out. In fact, until the late 20th century, it was not used outside of government buildings for other purposes very often. As soon as concerns about identity theft and the stealing of secure information rose, the use of paper shredding equipment soared in popularity.


Since this time, different technologies have been developed from the traditional use of scissors alone. This includes methods known as confetti-cutting, particle-cutting, and cutting using grinders. This helps to cut paper into smaller pieces, making them much more difficult to reconstruct by those wanting to cause harm.


Depending on your needs and the sensitivity of your documents, you might choose to opt for a specific type of confidential document shredding. To find out what services might be best for you, get in touch with your local paper shredding company.

The Data Protection Act

Shredding documents securely isn’t just to keep businesses protected. Responsible and confidential document disposal is a legal requirement of many industries. Any company that deals with any sensitive information must keep it safe, so it’s vitally important to know the rules and regulations your company is required to follow.


This section will guide you through the regulations surrounding secure document destruction.

Legal Requirements

The Data Protection Act 2018 was introduced to protect personal information which is collected and utilised by a variety of organisations and companies. It has been an effective tool, helping to prevent criminals from accessing information they shouldn’t.


As outlined in the Data Protection Act 2018, the information collected by any organisation must be used:

●      Lawfully, fairly and transparently

●      Only for specified and explicit purposes

●      Relevantly and limited to only what is necessary

●      Accurately and, where necessary, kept up-to-date

●      In a way that ensures appropriate security


Information collected by a business should be kept only until it is no longer necessary. If unneeded data is no longer required and is not disposed of properly, your company could be charged for not doing so.

Industries That Benefit from Shredding

As mentioned, the information collected by certain companies is required to be destroyed once no longer in use. This does not apply to every company, however, there are some industries and businesses in particular that are impacted by the rules of the Data Protection Act.


Read on to learn three examples of businesses that are required to destroy data.

Finance Companies

Data stored by companies is not limited to simply contact details and addresses. It also includes any financial information a person may have, which must be lawfully protected to ensure no harmful actions can be taken. Abuse of financial information includes identity theft and stealing funds, which can have a detrimental and sometimes irreparable effect on a person’s life.


To make sure stored information that can be used to access finances is adequately disposed of, a variety of businesses choose a method of secure document destruction, such as shredding. This helps to prevent persons from illegally obtaining and misusing said details.

Schools and Universities

Some industries are required to protect others by more than the Data Protection Act alone, which includes any educational institutions. Any institution that provides education to vulnerable persons must safeguard them from harm. It’s therefore important that their personal information is likewise protected, and destroyed when no longer required.


Shredding, therefore, is a popular method of disposal, which works effectively to protect both students and staff alike from potential harm.

Medical Facilities

In the UK, health records are made to ensure no important information about a patient cannot be lost. The NHS introduced electronic health records in 2005, to help ease the challenges that come with the storage and accessibility of a patient’s record. This helps to prevent any misinformation or missed diagnoses that will impact future treatment.


In some cases, information needs to be physically displayed. This includes any forms or test results which include the sensitive information of a patient, such as their address or contact details. In the wrong hands, these documents can be used to abuse the patient and make private information public. To ensure any information does not get leaked, printed documents need to be stored adequately and destroyed through a method like shredding, as soon as a sufficient amount of time has elapsed.

Why Professional Shredding Is The Best Option

While plenty of home shredding options are available, hiring a professional shredding service is by far the better choice for several reasons. To learn about its particular advantages, keep reading into this section.

No Risk of Paper Reconstruction

While personal shredders are available, they don’t often provide the quality of shredding needed to dispose of documents properly. Throwing away shredded paper in-house can lead to sensitive documents being pieced back together, as all documents may be stored in the same waste.


Thankfully, professional shredding services can take care of both issues. A shredding company will remove the paper from your site, and shred the documents quicker and more efficiently, storing the shredded paper in bales ready to be recycled further, making paper recovery impossible for criminals.


Staff time is precious, therefore wasting it on paper shredding is frustrating. Luckily, that is no longer necessary after employing a paper shredding service. Secure document shredding will take place out of the office, without using up company time. Secure shredding bins will be directly implemented in your workplace, meaning there needs to be no concerns about trusting employees to waste sensitive materials properly.

Further Recycling

When disposing of documents, it can be tempting to burn physical information to get rid of it. While this is an effective way to dispose of paper, it’s not particularly planet-friendly. Most businesses that deal with data will have a large quantity of information that needs to be disposed of, so safe onsite burning is not a possibility. Unlawful burning of documents can lead to forest fires, posing a risk to local wildlife and populations.


To securely but responsibly destroy information, opting for shredding as a method of confidential document disposal is the most efficient route. High-quality paper shredding companies will be able to recycle shredded materials, giving the paper an eco-friendly life cycle without the detrimental effects of burning.

How We Can Help

If you're considering shredding services in Glasgow, look no further than Highlander Security Shredding. We have a range of methods that can help with your secure document destruction, so read on to find out more about us and what we do.

Our Services

When it comes to providing in-office solutions for storing documents before they can be shredded, we have a range of consoles and cabinets that are great for the job. These can be suited to your company’s particular brand too, as they are available in a range of colours to seamlessly slot in amongst your office furniture.


Even if you have a current contract with another paper shredding company, we can help. Our team is available to provide advice when terminating your current contract, as well as covering buyout costs, to get you started with our high-quality services as soon as possible.

Who We Cater To

From big businesses to individuals and households, our team at Highlander Security Shredding can cater to just about anyone who needs our services. Try our business shredding services for efficient and confidential document shredding, which makes document destruction simple and relieves the weight of your concerns.


If you or your business need a one-off shredding service in Glasgow, we also have a shredding drop-off plan available to get the job done. All you need to do is fill one of our bags with the documents and bring them to our East Kilbride shredding centre.


As part of the UK Security Shredding Association, we take great pride in making sure you feel confident when using our services for confidential document disposal. We have various certifications from the International Organization for Standardization, signifying that we are dedicated to preserving the highest quality of services available for any paper shredding company.


To find out more about our vision as a company, you can visit our website to read the Highlander story from the very beginning.

Get In Touch

To get started with the services we offer at Highlander Security Shredding, visit our website to learn more about our services available in Glasgow and beyond. Alternatively, please contact us directly today for further information.

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