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The Importance Of Glass Recycling

Glass is one of the most popular materials for recycling, with hundreds of thousands of bottles, jars and other waste recycled. But where does it end up, and why is recycling glass so important?


Join Highlander Security Shredding as we journey through the importance of glass recycling.

Why Recycle Glass

Glass is a great material for recycling as it can help the environment and save people money. Glass is a material that does not lose quality when it is recycled, so the same bottles, jars and other pieces of glass can be recycled time and time again and still be as effective as ever.


As well as this, it takes significantly less energy to recycle glass than it does to create new products from virgin materials, This can save money during production, as well as ensure less natural resources are wasted when manufacturing new products.


Overall glass produced from recycled glass can reduce air pollution by around 20% and water pollution by 50% compared to making virgin products.

What Happens During Glass Recycling

When glass is recycled, it is typically melted down at a manufacturing or recycling plant. The first stage typically consists of it being broken down into smaller pieces called cullets. These pieces are then sorted, crushed and cleaned.


These pieces are normally mixed with other raw materials and then melted in a furnace. From here the glass is normally poured into moulds to make new products. As glass is highly customisable in this state, the same piece of glass could end up as hundreds of different products in its lifetime if it is continually recycled.

Recycling Services From Highlander

Here at Highlander Security Shredding, we are able to offer our customers various recycling options, including glass recycling. With our glass recycling services, we collect glasses, tumblers, bottles and other glass products, recycling 100% of the materials received, including the pallet they’re returned on!


Once collected, glass waste is taken to one of Highlander’s glass recycling partners in Scotland. Here the waste is then recycled into new glass products, such as bottles, jars and glasses. We also offer waste paper recycling, cardboard recycling and even wood recycling.


As well as recycling, we offer a range of other services, such as our speciality which is shredding services for businesses and the public. We provide reliable shredding services to our customers, ensuring your confidential waste is disposed of quickly to eliminate the risk of data breaches.


If you need our assistance with any of the services mentioned, get in touch with us today.

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