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Risky Business: What Happens When You Skip Secure Shredding?

From small companies to large businesses, the importance of confidential document disposal remains the same. Safely and securely shredding any kind of sensitive information or private documents is absolutely essential in any business, and we’re here to tell you why. Our blog dives into the consequences and risks that can occur if you fail to properly dispose of your documentation securely. To find out more, keep on reading!

What Are The Risks Of Not Shredding My Business Documents?

These are some of the potential risks that can occur from not shredding your business documents:

They Can Be Pieced Back Together

Shredding your documents yourself may seem like a good idea, however, anyone can then access these shreddings if they aren’t disposed of properly. This puts confidential material at risk of being pieces back together and used for illegal activities. Fraudsters may go to extreme lengths to commit these crimes, even rifling through shredded documents to find the information they are after.

Data Breaches

If an individual does find confidential or sensitive information, it can lead to data breaches. This simply means that sensitive information has been leaked, or the wrong people have access to these details. This can result in a range of negative outcomes.

Identity Theft

Data breaches and any kind of theft regarding sensitive information can lead to identity theft and other kinds of fraud. Personal and financial documents can put individuals at risk of this kind of fraud, which can be extremely damaging. If these are not securely disposed of, account numbers, addresses and even bank details can be accessed.

Bad Business Reputation

If your business has a data breach, this can be extremely damaging to your reputation. Your business may not be viewed as safe or secure, especially if you are dealing with a lot of confidential information. It may end up losing you business or clients, and could even lead to more severe legal consequences.

Financial Losses

While you may lose some business following a data breach, your company can suffer other kinds of financial losses. If the severity of your data breach is high, your company or business could be at risk of lawsuits, legal fines and other types of financial losses. So, it’s important to be safe and dispose of your sensitive information in the most secure way possible.

How Can We Help?

Here at Highlander Security Shredding, we can help you to dispose of your confidential documents in the safest way possible. Our shredding services are secure and reliable, so that you don’t need to worry about information getting into the wrong hands.

To find out more about our services, or our collection and drop-off options, feel free to contact us today for more information.

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