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How To Recycle Waste Paper Properly In Your Workplace

Recycling Bins on desk in the office

Recycling is a great way to conserve finite resources whilst reducing waste, where we can all contribute to this process by handling everyday materials in a mindful way. This can be achieved by implementing an effective waste management system both at work and at home. When you know exactly when, where and how to recycle, the process is simple and effective.

In a work environment, paper can often be used on a professional scale, meaning that there is a quick turnover of resources throughout the day. These don’t have to be wasted, where whole as well as shredded paper can be properly recycled and repurposed to create new materials. There are numerous ways we can all improve how we recycle to make this system work even more effectively. Read on for some key advice on managing the recycling process in your office or workspace.

Keep Resources Dry

When paper materials are taken to the recycling centre, it is important that they are as dry as possible to facilitate the repurposing of their key components. If possible, moisture levels in paper and card should not increase above 10%, where after this point more energy will need to be expelled during the recycling process to make use of these materials.

Separate Materials

Although all paper and card may seem to fall into the same recycling category, it can be beneficial to keep various types separate. Paper can be organised separately from corrugated card, glossy paper and cardboard packaging to make the collection process more straightforward. This can be achieved by investing in a reliable sorting container for your workplace.

Remove Contaminants

When adding paper and card to your recycle bin, it is important to ensure that these materials are free of contaminants which can cause delays at the recycling plant. Things to look out for in the workplace include glues, staples and tape, all of which can be sorted into a separate waste container.

Sort For Collection

If you’re working with a professional paper recycling service, then you need to ensure that your paper and card is prepared in accordance with their expectations. This may mean sorting your waste materials into appropriately sized bundles, or making sure that different kinds of paper are properly separated.

Highlander Security Shredding: Paper Waste Recycling For Your Business

At Highlander Security Shredding, we can provide a comprehensive paper recycling collection service to help you to build an environmentally friendly workspace. In addition to this, we also offer secure paper shredding services designed to keep your confidential data safe. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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