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Could a professional shredding service improve office productivity?

Despite the best efforts to implement a clean desk policy, every business has sensitive information lying around the office, from staff personnel documents and payroll information to customer invoices with addresses and contact information stuffed into drawers and filing cabinets.

To comply with the data protection act and GDPR, this information should be securely stored within the workplace and then disposed of when no longer required. The best way to dispose of these types of confidential documents is to shred them, protecting the company, employees and customers.

However, placing a shredder in a communal area for everyone to use isn’t always a practical way to dispose of these confidential papers. Being both energy inefficient and time-consuming, with staff spending large amounts of time being unproductive feeding a shredder – not to mention high volume use will likely result in regularly having to replace your shredder. It also brings along the other issue of what to do with all the shredded paper and there is no evidence the shredding has taken place should you be audited.

By employing the services of a professional shredding company, all you need to do is securely store the documents, the rest is taken care of.

At Highlander Security Shredding we work with you to find the best strategy for storage, from confidential waste bags, secure cabinets or bins, and then tailor a collection schedule to suit your needs.

On collection of your confidential waste, we supply a waste transfer note. Once the material has been shredded a certificate of destruction is issued after each collection. This provides a fully auditable trail that is both GDPD and Data Protection compliant. We also recycle 100% of the shredded materials.

We provide off-site shredding so there is no need to devote a large area of your car park to a noisy shredding truck. We organise collections at a time that suits you, with no interruptions to your team and all at cost-effective rates. Leaving you and your staff to focus on what’s critical to your business!

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