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An Overview Of Modern Document Disposal Options

Document disposal may seem like a simple undertaking, but when you’re dealing with a large volume of paper, matters can become tricky. Disposing of these items in a way that is not only quick and inexpensive, but also environmentally friendly, could be difficult. With the correct document disposal, you need not worry, so read through this beneficial guide from Highlander Security Shredding. Accounting for everything from the digitisation of documents and the need for businesses to be environmentally responsible, to the security issues which can arise from incorrect disposal – we have you covered!

Sustainable Secure Shredding

At Highlander Security Shredding, rest assured we’re passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, and have just as much enthusiasm about reducing yours too! 100% of our shredded paper is recycled, and we never use onsite shredding trucks, to avoid the pollution that comes with them. As a business owner, you can certainly do your bit, and while there are several ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into your organisation, one of the easiest ways is through your paper shredding. Sustainable shredding securely clears your office of paper clutter in an eco-friendly way, and we’ll work with you to learn more about your needs – whether you’re a big or small company.

Digital Documents

Many modern organisations have found themselves favouring a paperless format, opting instead to digitise their information, massively reducing paper usage and the need for any recycling whatsoever. Though of course a brilliant alternative to physical filing and document storage, digitisation across the board isn’t realistic for all contexts. Various obstacles stand between companies and a paperless office. But even then, modern workplaces now boast fewer paper trails. Though paper is necessary for actions such as note-taking during hectic meetings, as well as sketching and drawing, going paperless is certainly achievable.

Permanent And Secure

Upon collection of your paper documents, we offer complete peace of mind. All of our secure shredding vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers, therefore we know where your confidential material is at all times – from collection, until it arrives at our CCTV monitored shredding facility for destruction. Likewise, Our uniformed staff are security vetted and receive industry-leading training. Identification badges are always worn, during collections and within our secure shredding facility in East Kilbride. Both permanent and secure, your sensitive and private documentation is kept under lock and key by trustworthy professionals – a fantastic disposal method.

Consult Shredding Company Experts

Working with some of the biggest names in the healthcare, automotive and construction industries, alongside many independent SMEs, we serve all sectors – from accountants and lawyers to veterinary services. Providing secure shredding services across Scotland and Northern England, we’re the experts to consult, with ready-established processes. At Highlander Security Shredding, we realise that Shredding is one of the most effective ways of disposing of confidential documents, especially following the introduction of GDPR. Interested in learning more about what we do? Or searching for an accurate quote on cardboard recycling services? Contact us at your earliest convenience! We provide domestic shredding services and collect from households across Scotland.

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