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How Does a Drop-Off Shredding Service Work?

Paper drop-off shredding services are available to individuals and businesses that need to get rid of documents with sensitive or confidential information. This is important for many reasons and sometimes we aren’t able to shred our documents at home. This may be because of the quantity or because we require a certificate of destruction. 


If you are considering using a paper shredding drop-off service to help you get rid of confidential documents, here is what you can expect.

Fill your bag

Paper shredding companies typically charge per bag you require shredding. This means that all you need to do is fill any household bag with your waste. It doesn’t matter how many bags you need to bring as paper shredding companies have the facilities to deal with large amounts of paper. Your bag can cost around £2 to shred.

Arrive at the facility

When you arrive at the facility, it should be clear where the drop-off location is. You don’t usually need an appointment to drop off paper for shredding so you can pull up in the dedicated area and make your way into the building. Check to see if the location has a buzzer to press. This means a member of staff will come and take away your paper for shredding. There are options for some companies to come and collect your confidential waste for disposal, so decide what would work best for you.

Pay the total

Once they have taken your bags away to be shredded, you will need to pay the total. You will be charged per bag or box and once you have paid they will give you a receipt of destruction. This receipt will be signed by the shredding advisor as proof of your drop off and state that the documents will be shredded securely and responsibly.

View the shredding

Some people feel more at ease if they are able to see their documents shredded. Some facilities may offer a viewing area in which you are able to watch your confidential documents shredded and baled. This helps you feel sure that the documents no longer exist and you can walk away without worry.


Are you looking for a shredding drop-off near you? Highlander Security Shredding is based in Edinburgh and offers confidential waste disposal to help you easily get rid of sensitive information. Contact us today for more information.

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