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Highlander “Movember” charity activities!

Highlander recently undertook a sponsored “Movember” charity beard growing contest and the winners have just been announced!

We had the following categories of beard championship available as below:

Fluffiest beard – won by Steven Hood Most stylish beard – won by Stef McDonald Special awards for fundraising – Angus Cameron and Allan Whitelaw

The activity raised over £500 for East Kilbride Hospice and we hope to repeat and improve on this worthwhile activity next year

Stephen Duffy commented “This was the 2nd year in a row we undertook this activity and we have increased our fund raising from £300 last year to £500 this year – the lads who took part certainly looked different although we suspect their previous claims about being able to grow full beards in a week were pure ‘fluff’ (Pun most certainly intended!) given the time it took some of them to just get a covering of hair on their face!”

Finally, we cannot confirm for sure whether Stephen Duffy took part in the activity, as he looks like an unshaven, bearded tramp most of the time anyway! We hope you found this article entertaining! If you wish for us to talk seriously about recycling feel free to give us a call at 01355 524 215!

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